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      Training Objective: To constantly improve their job competencies 

      Training methods: 

      Each year, special training funds for staff training. 

      Establish a sound system of internal training division. 

      "Practice is the best way to learn" in order to enhance staff capacity for the purpose of continuous learning. Advocacy at work looking for problems, with questions to learn. 

      Internal training and external training delivery combining cognitive training, skills training and management training. 

      Awareness training 

      Awareness training includes corporate profile, business managers introduce major enterprise systems, staff rules, corporate culture, propaganda, etc, by way of intensive training to learn by the company’s managers and human resources speaker. Awareness training is mainly to help new employees a comprehensive and accurate understanding of enterprise, understand business, and thus quickly identify the location of your business. 

      Skills Training 

      0ne, is to focus on training, about to post the same or similar skill requirements of new staff together for training. 

      Second, is the decentralized training, from technical / skilled veteran employees to guide the corresponding new positions, and determine the direction of accountability, a veteran staff can guide one or more new employees. But the actual study, work, we often combine these two training modes used, old and new staff to better improve. 

      Management Training 

      Vocational training is to enable new staff to complete the role of conversion, to become a professional staff. The contents include: social etiquette, interpersonal, communication and negotiations, scientific methods of work, career planning, stress management and emotional control, teamwork skills.

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