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      Talent StrategyBack

      Achievement heaven and earth together sunfull

      Together sunfull, achievement between heaven and earth              

      Innovation can change the world, passionate enough to build a future

      After several years of careful temper

      Because it is a DreamWorks era

      When we                     

      About Shuangfeng

      Upright posture with a new front in the era          

      Let truth and make life here Sublimation Forge here

      Future, because the dream has become a beautiful            

      We move together

      In sunfull                     

      Achievements of Heaven and Earth

      sunfull adhere to the "Pilot, talent, industry serve the country" business philosophy has always been the human resources development as a business venture of this, competition for the development of this. Respect Group has formed a dedicated, fair competition, respect knowledge and talents of a good business atmosphere. sunfull its unique recruitment strategy, career development of open space, excellent environment for the growth of talent, an effective incentive mechanism and the people of the concept of corporate culture, enterprises have become talented personnel, the Heights. First, create a good platform for talent and business development space --- Zuodao keep people; Second, in the context of the implementation of various business SAR distribution policy --- Zuodao pay and conditions; 3 is to create a good cultural atmosphere and continuously strengthen internal affinity, cohesion, keep people --- Zuodao culture. These "three keep people" is the core of human resource management orientation.

      On the talent the selection, use, maintain fair, just and open, and scientific and human resources management system, so that each one has the ability, enterprising man could build a career sunfull play its ability, self- aspirations.

      Talent idea: competent at their jobs is to develop creative talent is talent

      Talent is the first resource sunfull. sunfull gateway to hundreds of rivers Festival essence. Both doctors, masters and senior management, or fighting in the production, marketing, research, service line, with their own industrious hands, play to their talents, and constantly open up Shuangfeng cause of ordinary workers, managers, marketing personnel, common research workers, all have the same Shuangfeng growing and indispensable talent.

      We hope to have more people to join the ranks of sunfull business, more people are concerned about the development of sunfull!

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