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      President SpeechBack

      Fortunately Ruming business still beforeSome words of gratitude

      Shuangfeng start-up, perhaps the nation and the world’s smallest oil company seismic sensors. Today, Shuangfeng although only medium size, but the field in the detector, Shuangfeng fortunately Ruming, occupied the country’s second largest market share, and gain a place in the international market.

      20 years ago, we solemnly promise in the company’s articles of association in: for the staff increase, and increased profits for shareholders, as in Fang Zengrong, the state tax increase. Over the past decade, Shuangfeng fortunately Ruming, dearly their obligations, be a responsible business.

      We are committed to create quality green playing a small town garden and cultural life of the community. Today Shuangfeng fortunately Ruming, green town of scheduled delivery, ideal life and excel.

      Shuangfeng success today, carrying the levels of government leaders and friends in the community care and look forward to the efforts of staff 10 years Shuangfeng day for selfless dedication. Allow me to express here our sincere thanks on behalf of Shuangfeng:

      Thank Weihai cum high levels of party committees and leadership area care and guidance, without your support, there is no Shuangfeng today.

      Thank you invest Shuangfeng of shareholders, your continued confidence and investment, is the cornerstone of Shuangfeng Liye is Shuangfeng of energy. You to their properties and delivered to the Shuangfeng, Shuangfeng success is your success.

      Thanks and join me in the same boat Shuangfeng founder. We minded, stubbornly persists, through thick and thin trust. Shuangfeng every step of the development, have condensed your wisdom and hard work.

      Thanks to support Shuangfeng and suppliers of home and abroad, is that you have chosen Shuangfeng, endorsed Shuangfeng, before eventually realize their own value Shuangfeng.

      Second pioneering past with the future work together sounded the clarion call

      We have gone through 10 years, not all the way smoothly all the way Carol, we also experienced the failure of sorrow and grief, and some scars still aching. Here, we summarize the lessons and shortcomings, as a former line of reference and warning.

      If Shuangfeng succeed in the system and mechanism is dominated by the superstructure, then the foundation of the management system as a floor, not enough sound perfect. The system has been established less than enforcement, serious and continuing need to strengthen; Shuangfeng overall progress faster, the steps towards greater diversification of the original management team is constantly diluted dispersed, mature training mechanism does not promptly follow up, learning organizations was not ideal, the team’s overall quality and sustainable development of incompatible business matching; self-penetration capabilities and sustained innovation requires a greater capacity; Muqian projects and industry Nei Wai’s "master" Jian remaining a gap.

      These mistakes and lessons, I fear, are the inevitable process of development, as children, like toddlers to tumble. To solve these problems, we should seriously consider solutions to learn, put down the burden and move on.

      Prospects for the next decade and the second pioneering vision

      As the secretary said Cui Yue Chen: Shuangfeng runs a golden career. Our confidence in the future, I believe our future is bright and sunny. As long as we keep promoting good fine style, work, work together, forging ahead, Shuangfeng century will certainly be able to achieve the ideal. We have outlined the next decade to be simple:

      Followed closely the flow of the main owners of the forward market, the pace, consistently walking in the international market to achieve greater breakthroughs, with Europe and the United States competing against real opponents. This should be placed on research and development, innovation, talent, capital, marketing and other key areas and strive to make a difference in the geophysical field.

      The operation of the capital as a strategic move task, the project operating entity, "make money" and capital operation, "making money" operating simultaneously obtain funds from capital markets to meet the development needs. The listing, joint ventures, strategic investors looking for a variety of financing instruments such as the operation of the capital.

      Establish Shuangfeng culture system. Of culture as a guide, commander of thinking, enhance cohesion, centripetal force and fighting capacity.

      Become real Shuangfeng their management. Grasp the fundamental basis of the system, extending management tools.

      Expand the scale of enterprises, expand business territory, out of Weihai to the broader market to develop and attract more talent.

      Let sunfull comprehensive development of people, material level, knowledge level, the spiritual dimension is across the board.

      Good projects to foster growth of new enterprises into the economic growth, bring the development of enterprises.

      After ten years to achieve the strategic plan, we must from now on, all the sunfull past zero, start the second venture. Can do a good job the second pioneering, not only determine the development of the next decade sunfull, it will affect the sunfull can achieve its ideal of a century. Requires us to make our youth and blood, we need one after generation to generation. Each sunfull people shoulder carrying forward the historical task. So we must cherish a lofty sense of responsibility and mission. For personal advancement, for family happiness, to social harmony, in order to Shuangfeng the future, a long journey, Strive for a Second!

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