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      Since its establishment in 1996, Sunfull Group has been recognized by Shandong Science and Technology Commission and Provincial Science and Technology Department as "high-tech enterprises" and "key links in the whole province". It has been awarded "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise", "Provincial Contract-abiding Enterprise", "Technological Innovation Advanced Enterprise" and "Industrial Advanced Enterprise" by the Provincial Patent Office, Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau and Weihai High-tech Zone Management Committee respectively. It has been rated as A-class credit enterprise by the Bank of China.

      In 1997, Shandong High-tech Enterprises

      In1998, the high-tech zone advanced units of technological innovation

      1998, advanced industrial enterprises in high-tech zone

      1998, China patent Shandong star enterprise

      In 1998, general manager Liu Xiaofeng was elected to the thirteenth session of Weihai people's congress

      In 2000, high-tech zone technology progress advanced enterprises, high-tech zone star enterprises

      In 2001, Advanced Enterprises of Tax Payment in High-tech Zones since the Establishment of Zones for Ten Years

      In 2001, Shandong province science and technology enterprises key contact units

      From 2001 to now, It has been awarded "provincial contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise" for several years.

      2001, Civilized unit of high technology area

      In 2001, Weihai advanced private enterprises

      In 2002, General Manager Liu Xiaofeng was elected to the 14th National People's Congress of Weihai city

      In 2003, Sunfull sensing information technology research center was approved by the provincial level

      In 2005, Weihai Top 100 integrity units

      In 2005, Weihai advanced enterprise of spiritual civilization construction

      In 2005, Weihai foreign trade and economic work advanced enterprises

      In 2005, the high-tech zone independent innovation advanced units

      In 2005, Sunfull sensor products were rated as "Shandong famous brand products".

      In 2006, Weihai science and technology independent innovative advanced enterprises

      In 2007, Weihai city top 100 private enterprises

      In 2008, Advance enterprises to open door to the outside world in Weihai 

      In 2009, High-tech zone advanced enterprises to pay taxes

      In 2009, Shandong province integrity enterprises

      In 2009, Shandong province technology and equipment enterprises

      In 2010, Weihai Ankang demonstration enterprise

      2010, Patent star enterprise

      In 2011, High-tech zone construction system advanced enterprises

      In 2012, Shandong innovative enterprise

      Since 2012, Advanced Units of Spiritual Civilization Construction in Weihai High-tech Zone

      In 2013, Best Credit Enterprise of Weihai Communications Bank

      Since 2013, Advanced service unit

      Since 2013, Weihai high-tech tax payer star.

      In 2014, Advanced enterprises in foreign economic and trade work

      In 2015, Weihai model worker's home

      In 2016, Love enterprise

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